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Message par markherring » 14 septembre 2017, 18:08

Is anyone out there successfully running mod_gearman? I am looking into upgrading our current 4.1 setup to 5.1 and would like to look at mod_gearman to create a distributed monitoring system. I have been looking at the following article:- ... -nagios-xi

so it looks like I need to setup two EON servers, one as a job server and one as a worker. On the worker the config would be set to point at the job server. I assume i would also be able to switch of the server portion of mod_gearman on this server? On the job server the article talks about adding a broker_module entry in nagios.cfg. Should this replace the one in there currently? The other bit i'm confused about is how to tell gearman which checks should be passed out to the workers and which should remain locally.
If anyone can give me some step by step instructions that would be great


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Re: mod_gearman

Message par Seb » 16 septembre 2017, 16:43

No problem in using mod_geartman with eon.
you're right, you need to add some lines into "broker" config, after livestatus lines, like this:

/usr/lib64/mod_gearman/mod_gearman.o config=/etc/mod_gearman/mod_gearman_neb.conf

After you configure some hostgroup on worker and must use same hostgroup in lilac to decide host check on the right worker :)
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