Missing menu options in 5.1

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Missing menu options in 5.1

Message par markherring » 06 septembre 2017, 14:39

I have just downloaded and installed V5.1 with a view to upgrading our current V4.1 setup. The interface has changed quite significantly (for the better) but I've noticed a few things I can't find. There no longer seem to be menu items for snmp, snmptrapd and backup which were originally found in Administration in the Main Settings section. I also notice the Ged section has also disappeared. Am I going blind or have these items been removed and if so how are they now configured?
Mark Herring
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Re: Missing menu options in 5.1

Message par Seb » 06 septembre 2017, 17:14

You're right, some link to conf was removed... however u can login to consol, edit the files and make some change. Don't forget to restart some services after changes ;)
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